Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Closet Bigots on conservative radio talk shows are outing themselves

As I listen to many of the hosts of conservative radio talk shows, it amuses me and scares me to hear such an anti Obama and democrat tone;it is really bad and disrespectful. They sound like bigot sour grapes coming out of the closet. Let's never forget these seem to be surrogates of the neo-cons along with other parts of the conservative media helped promote the Bush administration's lie to invade Iraq; yes, they steered the country wrong and they will do it again. It is my hope that newly un-informed listeners of conservative radio talk shows will go back and review tapes of many of the hosts during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq; a fair minded individual would see a lack of or no credibility among them all. It is my belief that bigotry exists in many patches of circles around the country; fair mindedness is lacking among these circles and they charge their batteries with top bigots on the air.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our troubled economy is a very mixed picture

It felt good to see again a news conference that was not so staged and artificial like many of us have witnessed for the past eight years. I’m not sure I can buy into with complete confidence the stimulus package President Obama is selling. However, I get the feeling from his demeanor that there is an urgency far beyond the understanding of his critics. Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger 3rd, the pilot that eased his plane down in the Hudson Bay saving 155 people, knew he needed to fall back on his training and skills the moment he discovered both engines failed after take off. I believe Economists advising President Obama exist in Mr. Sullenberger’s moment of urgency. Apparently they feel, their training, skills, and understanding of the economy, dictate an immediate action. Some of us, like some of the passengers on that US Airways A320, don’t really see and understand all the options; it is a mixed complicated picture. The President’s news conference left me with this thought: The passengers on the US Airways A320 only option when both engines failed was to put their faith in the skills and training of the pilot. Americans like myself, only option, is to hope that our leaders are listening to the right people and will make the right moves.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A response to Cecchi's letter

In response to the letter written by Mr. Guy M. Cecchi, on 2/4/09, “Don’t let this euphoria keep us from real change,” We all live in our on bubble of understanding of what makes this country great. It seems Mr. Cecchi is one of those victims used by the Bush administration to divide the country. Wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage and the threat of terrorism provided an illusion that propped up a dangerous administration. I hope that voters like Mr. Cecchi are forever low in numbers. When America recovers from the mess left behind by the Bush administration, I hope safe guards will be put into place to prevent the nation from ever electing such a destructive individual such as George Bush. This country can become great again with real change when we are forgiven by the world for voting George Bush in for eight years.