Sunday, February 03, 2008

Will Iraq be governed by a Theocracy?

“Changing the mindset” captured my attention when those words were spoken by Barack Obama in the debate on 1/30/08 concerning ending the Iraq war. I truly believe as others the wrong mindset lead our country into a never ending war that a presidential hopeful on the republican side stated it may take a hundred years to end.

I admire John Mc Cain’s accomplishments and dedicated service to our country; I truly believe he loves America; however, his position on the Iraq war has the same mindset and tone coming out of the Bush administration; it has a tunnel vision feel to it. It is not just sub prime mortgages that are sending America down a road toward a recession; the mindset that America can sustain a war in a country where the leaders are bidding their time and positioning themselves for the inevitable is a drain on America’s resources.

In spite of the fact that the surge has minimized some of the violence in Iraq, in the eyes of the world and some Americans, a political solution will realistically come in Iraq only after a civil war; at the end of that long war some of us believe theocracy will be the victor and democracy will be the spoil.