Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Iraq factor

The following letter was published on November 12, 2006 by
The Boston Globe
Boston, Massachusetts

"Enough!" fueled the drive toward changing the political landscape in a nation led by an administration that created a quagmire.

Election 2006 is about truth vs. fiction. The impression many of us have is that the Bush administration lacks empathy concerning the mounting human cost in Iraq. Just 18 years ago, many of those dead soldiers were in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade.

No parent wants to raise a child to die in a war that is no longer called noble, and for a president who no longer says, "Stay the course."

The country and the whole world are looking on and expecting a change.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

A message to the new Congress and the new Senate

My country has to make a decision when the new Congress takes over; we can share and accept the disdain for the Bush administration or show to the country and the world that we believe that this administration should be held accountable.

Right now the Iraq war to America is like a house that lost its foundation. The only choice for the occupants in that house, is to leave. The longer they stay, the more likely it will come crashing down on them. That house can't be rebuilt with no foundation, like democracy can't survive on a foundation built on theocracy. Both repel the other.

For the sake of the troops in Iraq, many of us feel they should be withdrawn immediately and impeachment should be put on the table.

The above message should be the message sent to the new Congress and the new Senate when convened in January.

Imaginary scenario

Eventually everyone involved with trying to find a solution to the quagmire in Iraq will admit to and conclude that the civil war inevitably will have to run its course.

If he can find humility and think about what is good for America and the world, Americans would forgive him and the world would move on. Just think if the following imaginary scenario actually happened in the real world a healing would start in many parts of the world.

The president of the US addressing the country and the world:

“Effective today, I have accepted Mr. VP Dick Cheney’s resignation, and I have also given mine. It has become clear to me that Iraq is in an advanced stage of a civil war. Therefore, Mr. Cheney and I decided we must accept full responsibility for opening up and causing this disastrous chapter in Iraq. To spill more American blood on this directionless course will only deepen our sorrows. I have signed an order to start a withdrawal of troops out of Iraq and have them all home by three months. I don’t want to leave my successor with the blood I have on my hands.”

As this imaginary story goes, many neo-cons hyperventilated and one suffered a heart attack when they heard Nancy Pelosi was measuring windows at the White House for new drapes.

Friday, November 10, 2006


I think George Bush and Dick Cheney should be forced to resign by the Senate and the Congress if they have real evidence that the intelligence were manipulated. I think investigations can start in January soon after the new Congress and Senate take over. This would not be pay back to the Republicans; it would be closure to those in the US, Iraq and other parts of the world that have suffered losses. These two men that have never experienced being in war themselves were too anxious to get one started where it should not have been. America should show to the country and the world that we have acknowledged that the Bush administration colored the truth and should be held accountable. The American voters took the Congress and the Senate back not for business as usual. If Bush and Cheney are not forced to resign or impeached many more American soldiers will die under the pretense that Iraq is not having a civil War.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Accountability on the horizon?

He must be dreaming about investigations. His appearances on the Rush Limbaugh talk radio show and the Christian Broadcast Station along with that desperate grasp for straws demonstrated in his response to the joke botched by John Kerry shows the extreme intensity of a leader’s effort to shore up a very frayed base. Days away voters in America might get that America back that was once proud or continue to be stagnated in an America criminally hijacked by the Bush administration.