Monday, January 27, 2003

Affirmative Action

Dana, I read your article titled: Who says I'm inferior? You are so comfortable in your window dressing role that you have stooped so low as to do what many "In house Plantation Negroes" did. You must hate yourself to think to be a successful black; you must tell divisionary whites what they want to hear. Your type was around when Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, and M.L.K. were here. In your eyes racism doesn't play a part in your "New Day in America" in the high black population count in America's prisons. You probably look at them as innate criminals. You probably also think in your "New Day in America", the ladder should be pulled up on "Affirmative Action" because the emotional scares from "Slavery and Segregation" have dissipated. In your world and Clarence Thomas’s, it is too bad for that child that comes from a situation with little means that did not get a variety of exposure like the child from the suburb. This child from the suburb ancestors was not abused. Assets were passed on to the present parents of this child in the suburb. This child from the suburb life did not evolve around survival. This child in the suburb vacationed in places like France, Russia, Italy, London and thirty states in America. The child that came from little means most memorable visit is his brother's funeral. The brother was shot by a "Drive by Shooter". The notion held that "Affirmative Action" is equated with being inferior is divisive and false. Because there have always been blacks like Clarence Thomas and yourself, it does not surprise me that someone like Thomas who benefited from "Affirmative Action" would want to pull the ladder up. Both of you and others like you, live in this maze of false pride hurting yourselves and sending pain to others. It is pretty obvious that the both of you are blaming blacks for a painful experience in the past. Dana White, Affirmative Action has nothing to do with feeling inferior. It has a lot to do with fairness and a balanced playing field.