Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Taliban can be defeated if separated from the innocent citizens of Afghanistan.

I agree with Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates that the Taliban is linked to Al Qaeda. I understand President Obama’s commander, General Mc Crystal’s request for 40000 more troops to be sent to Afghanistan. From a military standpoint, ground needs to be re-gained, gaps need to be closed and the Afghan citizens need security. From a reality check, the focus and cause seems to be lost in the war in Afghanistan. Afghanistan president, Hamid Karzai does not have the support from his people and he is talking about making peace with the Taliban. Where is the focus in the Afghan war for Americans and where is the cause? In my opinion, the only way we can continue to justify the sacrifices of our American soldiers and resources spent in Afghanistan is to have Hamid Karzai relinquish his power to the American and Allied forces. At this moment in time, absolute control by the American and Allied forces is needed to have a clear focus and a clear cause. The Taliban is gaining ground because they are willing to hide among innocent citizens and control them with oppression and fear. If the fathers of Afghanistan can accept the cruelty and oppression placed on their daughters and wives under the control of the Taliban, it is time for American soldiers and Allied forces to leave Afghanistan. The American and Allied forces should only stay in Afghanistan if a clear focus and cause is in the desire of the Afghan people to have a voice in their government and the will to separate from the ways of the Taliban. The Taliban can be defeated. A safe haven, unarmed tent city can separate the innocent citizens of Afghanistan and unmask the Taliban for the American and Allied forces.