Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Obama's speech

I take great pleasure in knowing that Barack wrote his own speech as I had hoped. He has taken the edge off of concerns whether he would be a leader that can step up to the challenges that America and the world are facing today. Not only does he show courage in his run for the presidency; it is revealed as it spills over in his speech written by him. He is truly a leader with unique skills this country cannot afford to pass up on.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Most Americans will not be fooled this time around

I think Hillary and Barack should fight it out to the bloody end. They represent forces that should be heard. The mud they throwing and the battles they are fighting are part of their forces and convictions. The one with the bloodiest nose will eventually join the one with less; Hillary wants to show the country that women are ready and Barrack wants to show that he is ready; they both have legitimate goals. Worry not about McCain; the money spent on the Iraq war, the deaths, the injuries, the ballooned deficit, the decreased dollar value, high oil prices, and the housing slump all happened on the watch of the president McCain has aligned himself with. Most Americans will not be fooled this time around; they know a republican like McCain will not be able to rescue them.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

One or the other will become president

Unlike many others some of us believe a little mud slinging during the primaries is actually okay; if it doesn’t stick it strengthens the candidates. Hillary Clinton was called a monster; and many are trying to make Barack Obama just a black candidate and a Muslim. Because of their determination and support the mud is just slipping off revealing the true grit of both candidates. Inside and outside America many are concerned that the muddy politics existing in the Democratic Party will help John McCain which many feel will continue the polices of George Bush. When it is all said and done, I believe like others when a nominee emerges out of a fair process, the emotional attachment to a particular candidate will evaporate; many voters will be reminded of why they joined together in 2006 and why a greater force is needed in 2008.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Americans will vote for the troops to be pulled out of Iraq

Voters are mad as hell at the Bush administration; it's very telling in the millions raised for the Obama campaign. He has raised more money than any presidential hopeful ever; also he has tapped in on the youth vote. McCain's Iraq policy which is no different from Bush's policy will become very clear as wrong when most of the public start focusing on the falling value of the dollar and the connection between the Iranian leader and the Iraq leader. The Iranian leader can make an early announcement that he will be visiting Iraq when the leader of the free world has to sneak in and out; this dilemma hits at the core why we should not be in Iraq. At the end of the day Americans will vote for the troops to be pulled out of Iraq; and, McCain will be left biting the dust of reality.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Obama won't settle affirmative action

The following letter was published on March 4, 2008 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In response to Sean Gonsalves' Feb. 27 column, I don't think an Obama win would just be about a black win. In my opinion, Obama is winning now because liberal and moderate voters are banding together to take this country back from the neocon extremists let out of a Pandora's box by the Bush administration.

If Obama is elected the affirmative action matter will not be settled, as Gonsalves hinted; years and years of people being pushed behind will not wear off in an Obama administration. An Obama win would be a symbolic defeat of the arrogance that has gripped this country for the past eight years.