Monday, April 20, 2009

Shrinking your enemies’ possibilities

When you're making friends with the rest of the world you’re shrinking your enemies’ possibilities.

'Tea party' protesters protest the wrong thing

The following letter was published on April 20, 2009 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In response to the recent tax protests, I asked myself, where were they when George Bush lied the U.S. into a $10 billion-a-month war? I asked myself, where were they when the U.S. suffered losses under Halliburton? A person like myself cannot help but suspect the participants of the "tea party" are somewhat misguided and disingenuous.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

If it were not for a Bush administration, there would not be an Obama presidency

Each one of my letters to the editor was a snapshot of a moment on the trail passing through the Bush administration. Many of those letters were written out of outrage against the Bush administration’s policies. This type of mood grew into a movement in the US, which paved a new trail; that trail led to an Obama administration. In my opinion, If it were not for a Bush administration, there would not be an Obama presidency. My letters walk you through those moments of betrayal; that eerie silence in the media, voices of reason that were smothered out by a false sense of patriotism, hypocrisy, and arrogance. In one of my early letters to the editor, March 7, 2003, “A War That Should Not Be,” I mentioned that a core-democrat was needed. Because he put the country in such a mess and caused divisions in his own party, the inarticulate George Bush helped America get over the long phase of cowboy politics. A fresh, articulate, intelligent, core-democrat, Barack Obama, seized the moment.