Saturday, December 01, 2007

Setting a tone to blame immigrants

Putting myself in the shoes of those immigrants, that are human beings struggling to make ends meet by taking any job for low pay, saddens me when I witness rich presidential rivals using them as a political football; it seems most of those rivals in St. Petersburg FL on November 28, wanted to show to each other and everyone else that they were not “immigrant lovers.” To see the fanes of politicians that are willing to throw immigrants under the bus must be psychological terrorism for illegal and legal immigrants that are family connected. The whole exchange between Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney on the immigrant question was parallel to the opposition to civil rights for blacks by George Wallace, a national candidate in the 1964 democratic primaries. Adolf Hittler in Nazis Germany viewed the Jews as the German nation’s true enemy.

With all the demagoguery reflected in America and on political platforms against illegal immigrants, I wonder will the illegal war in Iraq drain our resources to the point where many will blame the immigrants rather than the Bush administration.