Thursday, August 31, 2006


Like many it was acceptable to me when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to pursue the enemy responsible for the tragedies resulting from the attacks on Sept.11, 2001.

When the Bush Administration decided Iraq should be added to the mix on the war against terrorism it opened the eyes of many viewing the Bush administration as an out of control lynch mob.

I think the silence and the votes for the war against Iraq along with a little over 70% of the public, according to the polls at that time supported the war, revealed to many in my country that the U.S. had lost something very sacred. The attack on Iraq was a betrayal of the U.S. spirit while the world watched on.

Like many I will never forget 9/11. Like many I will never forget that child that lost both his arms and legs as a result of an arrogant administration with a cowboy mentality that rushed to war on a nation found not to be linked to 9/11.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The president is disconnected

Think of a father that asked his son to go outside his home to shovel snow in a fierce cold snow storm. The son noticed that the path he shovelled quickly filled up, yet, the father persisted that he was not going to let his son back into his home until the path was clear. That American soldier some where in Iraq that can see clearly that a civil war is indeed going on can feel that disconnect In President Bush’s words: “We are not leaving, so long as I’m the president.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


It is almost inevitable when trust is betrayed in the world the focus of the world is driven toward a blind fear rather than a universal effort to sustain the earth. While many are witnessing along with many experiencing, a disregard for the value of innocent life roars on while sanity is smothered out by a political majority. Trust and fair play is the tape that has held the civilized world together. One cannot be without the other. A world without trust is a world with too much scheming and too much plotting.

The neo-cons have made a mess. Plotting by them is not the only plotting going on. The other sides are plotting too. The world is in sort of a pre-WWIII mode. Not being hit since 9/11 is just a calm before the storm. The Bush administration has raised a war readiness in the world at a time when scientists have conclusive evidence that the Artic is melting. Instead of making preparations on scaling back the use of fossil fuels we are (men) turning up the volume against fighting each other.

This is insanity.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The sanddollar

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The sand dollar
The sand dollar represents the uniqueness of Cape Cod, what I felt and still feel about the special inner beauty of the Cape.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

On a collision course with World War III

The following letter was published on August 2, 2006 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Intelligent people can see that the world is moving in a very dark direction in contrast with the false hope and out-of-sync portrayal coming from the Bush administration.

Too many people in America bought into the Bush administration act in their early denials. Now that many have pulled their blinders off, the country and the world are too far down that path, with World War III, standing by waiting near the eleventh hour. Many of us can feel the road the world is speeding on and sense the collision ahead.

Many of us also feel helpless because our leaders, who are supposed to be sane but are not, are in the driver's seat.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Denial and Pride

There are those that think the root cause of the problem in certain conflicts is simply for the little bullies to concede all to the big bullies before a cease fire is put in place. These are simple terms describing a very complex situation: Many of us think the greatest fear now for the superpowers is ; they have been the oppressors with their weapons of mass destruction; and now that the oppressed have access to the knowledge and a sizeable amount of weapons themselves, it has raised the paranoia of the big bullies. While innocent people are dying, living in misery and begging for the conflicts to stop in Lebanon, Israel and any other parts of the world where the big bullies won’t talk to the small bullies, the world continues to be dysfunctional while the real root cause of the problem is buried in denial and pride.