Saturday, November 12, 2005

Getting at the truth

Some of George Bush’s critics steadfastly asked before the invasion of Iraq that George Bush secure a referendum from the United Nations to Invade Iraq. Some of those critics voted for George Bush to go to war but not to over ride the UN. To strengthen the President’s hand does not mean following behind a trumped up cause for war. George Bush low approval ratings at this moment in history reveals a turning point in the faith the American people have in their President. The question is not whether his critics are trying to rewrite history, the question is whether his administration doctored intelligence for the cause of war. Using patriotism and 9/11 to stir the pot of vigilantism has lost its thunder. Karl Rove will have to go back to the drawing board. Too many are wise to the Bush administration’s rallying tools for a war fever. Those tools seem to be fading into a background of deceit that have given life to the newly revived Senate investigation of pre-war intelligence.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Something is wrong

With the continuous down slope of the American dollar abroad, the unnecessary blood shed in Iraq, and the billions of dollars going down the drain in a war that has no foreseeable end; why not consider impeaching the President? It is obvious that the American public is indeed paying attention now. The undisclosed documents that are being demanded by the newly revived Senate Investigation of pre-war intelligence, as a result of the Downing Street memo on Iraq, is another serious approach, along with the Indictment of Scooter Libby to get to the truth. Before Americans can set things right or regain that trust we once had in the world, we must admit to ourselves as well as the world that our leaders lied to us and the world. We can’t go on pretending we are not in the mess we are in. How can we as Americans continue with the present leadership that is detested in other parts of the world. The protests set off in Argentina, Uruguay and I suspect Brazil will follow, are not because of the Free Trade Agreement; it is because of George W. Bush. Something is wrong when an American President is treated like an Adolf Hitler.