Monday, December 26, 2005

Too much power given to a leader can corrupt a system

If you have nothing to hide, why worried, should not be the question concerning Joan McDonald letter to the editor published 12/26/05. The question should be whether America, a mature democracy, can afford to allow power to easedrop on Americans to be totally unchecked. In fact, it scares me more when I think how too much power given to a leader can corrupt a system. 9/11 should not cause a democracy to re-invent itself to the point of looking more like a Kingdom. I'm proud to know that my country is serious about keeping this discussion on the table. Civil liberties were acquired through so many discussions. That is what makes America a mature democracy. I feel safe that silence has lost its grip on Congress and the Senate. It is my belief that this country can become divided and fall apart so much quicker under a King than under a democracy. Sometimos I wonder whether the enemy knows that.