Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bush's rat

“Even though I’ve shown nothing but disdain for the Bush administration in many of my letters to the editor, like many I don’t buy into Scott McClellan’s sudden change of heart in his book “What Happened.” It is what it is; a Judas Iscariot greasing his palms while delivering a kiss. The only thought that comes to me from an artist prospective, is McClellan’s head on a rat’s body.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary moments that passed and the now

Think how different the world would be if Monica was never heard of, or, Hillary divorced Bill at the end of his term to run for president; the attention needed on the dots that weren’t put together in the Bush administration might have happened in a Hillary administration; just maybe we would still have the twin towers and the lives that were lost here with us today.

Even though Hillary cast a vote for George Bush to go into Iraq, we all know that vote was meant to strengthen his hand not his desire to leave a heroic legacy and make an appearance on an aircraft carrier claiming “mission accomplished.” We all know a Hillary administration would not have gone into Iraq and maybe Ben Laden would be in custody now.

In the present and the real world, while observing the battles in the primaries between Hillary and Obama, many of us know that Hillary’s moments slipped away in that infidelity exposed by Kenneth Star. Even though Hillary has blazed a historical trail, many of us know as she should and will know that this moment in time belongs to Barack Obama.