Wednesday, July 28, 2004

The Potential Leaders And The Leader To Come

The performance of Barack Obama reminded so many of us of John Kennedy, Dr. M. L. King, and Robert Kennedy. Barack Obama’s spirited delivered speech on 7/27/04 at the DNC transcended and radiated a kind of hope that was lost in the assassinations. For those of us that admire Ted Kennedy, we knew and expected, he would speak his mind. We were not disappointed. Like Barack, Teresa Heinz was a pleasant surprise. She spoke with wisdom and sincerity. She left many thinking; how lucky John Kerry is, and how lucky the country would be to have her as a first lady. I’m one to believe that once a passionate great speaker shows his head, there are others around that will soon come forward in this decade. At some point a leader will step up to the plate and actually have the courage to solved the hatred in the world by having dialogue with those that are called Insurgents and Terrorists. Because of the extremism existing in many of the Middle East governments, such as chopping a hand off of a thief, or a woman caught without a head scarf, poses a reality check on the notion of spreading democracy in that area.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

The voice

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