Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Imagine a town in the old west where the law in the town is control by two rich bullies acting outside the law. This type of town is at the mercy of bully power. Where ever there is bully power there is silence laced with repression that will explode only out of courage. In reality the US and Israel are viewed as bullies of the world by many nations. Back in the old west when anyone decided to take a stand against the bulling in a town it was the beginning of an exploding courage to affirm the law. We don’t have to negotiate , we will kill you, is the attitude and the mark of the bullies. Imagine one of those bullies in that western town heard his son received a brutal beating after slapping a sister of the boy he received the beating from. That dad went into that town drunk with two six shooters and shot everyone in his path to get to the boy that beat his son while the other town bully looked the other way.

The many innocent victims bombed by the madness of superpowers in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon view terrorists as the ones that are dropping the bombs. The superpowers view them as collateral damage. In the eyes of many in the world, the modern day bullies are the ones that will destroy everything in their path and twist the facts to have their way. Any group, leader, or country that is willing to kill and destroy the property of innocent people to get to an enemy have all crossed that line with blood on their hands into that world called madness.

Thursday, July 20, 2006


At an earlier moment in time he stated “Affirmative Action does not square with the constitution.” On 7/20/06 at the annual NAACP convention he stated: “I have come to celebrate the heroism of the civil rights movement and the accomplishments of the NAACP.” Thousands of innocence people have died as a result of a questionable war he lead America in during a time of fear. He claimed his veto against the stem cell measure will save innocent life. Does he really understand the accomplishments of the NAACP and does he have a genuine interest in innocent life? How many of us see George W Bush as very disingenuous along with being the epitome of a hypocrite?

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Parallel World

On George Stepulopalus show Madeline Albright stated that the Bush administration is in a “Parallel Reality” concerning the success or mess in Iraq. There are so many crises in the world now and many of us wonder whether the pre-emptive strike on Iraq is connected to the worst of it. The questions many of us are asking are: Did the inexperience of the Bush administration lead the world down a path facing world war three? Can America’s credibility deficit with the world be turned around with another political party in the Senate and the House? Would it be in the country’s best interest to impeach Bush and Cheney and bring some reality back to the country or continue to exist in that “Parallel Reality?”

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hatred on the rise

The behavior of many Islamic extremists is very similar in nature to the behavior of the men in that army under the biblical character Moses. Those men slaughtered others thinking God was behind them; see Numbers in the old testament, chapter 31: 16,17. Is the war against terrorism a war against ancient ways and thinking? Is there a significant difference between the modern prosecution of a war and the ancient? Did George W. Bush think God was behind him when he gave the okay to invade Iraq? If war is about acts of hatred, would any supreme being be the driving force behind it, if all opposing sides hated each other? By attacking Iraq, did the US positioned itself to fight against hate or spread more. With the volume of insanity in the present events turned up with more violence, is the world on the fast track toward destruction? Should we all be asking ourselves the above questions, or have we become too complacent?