Wednesday, May 11, 2005

"New Age Leaders"

With all the anti Americanism around the globe, and particularly the Middle East, why is the self righteousness so prominent in the character of those “New Age Leaders” of the Bush administration?

Take for example, Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice crusade for democracy In the Middle East. A photograph was taken of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon looking at Ms. Rice admiringly while she smiled. Put that photo next to the photo taken of Ms. Rice staring at Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit of Egypt combatively at a briefing in Sharm Sheik speaks volumes why foreign fighters are entering Iraq to die.

Why are there no cheers or tears from those people that are denied democracy that Ms. Rice speaks of? Like her “New Age” republican colleagues that have aligned themselves with angry conservative radio talk show hosts, and the Christian right to hi-jack power, seem to be lost in that form of local spin that doesn’t apply to the culture of the Middle East.

I whole heartedly support the Senate democrats in their efforts to stop the up or down vote to confirm John Bolton for the Ambassador of the U.N. He is the epitome of a “New Age” conservative self righteous, out of touch republican. Like his fellow toxic gang members, he would only serve as a recruiting tool, escalating anti Americanism.