Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tunnel vision

In response to the letter written on 7/11/05 by Mr. Steve Susko, with the title “Failure is not an option in Iraq”, allow me to impress upon Mr. Susko some brief realities. First of all, many of us don’t look at exiting Iraq as “cut and run”. Because of the dire and unsolvable mess, we would prefer to call it regroup and refocus.

It is not uncommon in a war to make an assessment of mistakes and evacuate an area to fight stronger in another. Please be advised that the enemies in Iraq are doing just that. It was widely supported when the U.S. invaded Afghanistan. So much trust and clout was lost when the U.S. invaded Iraq.

The selling of the Iraq war and the denial that follows has turned into some type of tunnel vision. That tunnel vision is falsely coated with Patriotism. How long can we protect a government in Iraq that is considered illegitimate? When we leave town, can that government ever sustain itself? The cost to not having a plan to leave town is enormous. While some are solely concerned about not to cut and run, many of us are concerned with the weaponry build up of nations like North Korea, Iran, and China.

Sunday, July 10, 2005


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Saturday, July 02, 2005

The losses may become unbearable

The Fort Bragg address with the backdrop of American troops compared to landing on an aircraft carrier in a pilot jumpsuit was sort of a low key fluff. It takes a little fluff and maybe more when the most powerful leader in the free world breaks the sovereignty of another nation under a dictatorship and tries to graft democratic pieces to form a democracy among different factions with different philosophies.

Not only did he break a different world, he opened a floodgate and cleared a ground for the real elusive enemy to pass through and take a stand.

Some of us know that patriotism is not rallying around a leader that misled his country. Patriotism is a strong belief, will, and love for the values of a country. In this country that strong belief and values are all part of a mature democracy that did not happen over night. This country grew into it.

The pre-emptive strike and invasion of Iraq to the world was not the America they knew. It is no secret that many in the world think America is a captive of an administration that had an agenda.

After being exposed to certain truths before and after the invasion, the questions under the surface, contrary to a military philosophy; should we cut our losses, and put the blame where it belongs? Some of us know when the reality sets in that Iraq is indeed a quagmire, the losses may become unbearable.