Thursday, April 24, 2008

A voice of reason

With the seemingly none stop rising cost of oil, the housing slump, and all the dismal links of the falling dollar value, permeates a type of fear among many that we are swept up in some sort of infinite wind storm heading toward a maybe lose it all cliff.

Many of us beg to differ with the ‘stay the course’ strategy in Iraq. That strategy only benefits the other side; it falls into their strategy to bleed America of its resources.

At this moment in time in the US and the world there is a yearning for voices of reason rather than an expensive macho misguided military adventure by an administration that really didn’t understand a culture.

In a nut shell we have three presidential hopefuls; one, many of us fear at the end of the process if she does not become the nominee she will flip the table over; another, many of us fear will continue some of the destructive polices of the Bush administration. The third one, many of us feel has the talent and potential to mend broken fences trampled on by an arrogant administration; he is certainly counted among those voices of reason.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Can we find common ground in November?‏

The duel between the two has brought forth a transparency in America’s politics leaving both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama under tough scrutiny; even though they are from the same political party, they both have themselves the blame for steering that party against itself. I would not be surprise to see Hillary pull a Joe Lieberman if all is lost to Obama. If she ran as an independent McCain would be the next president. Like many voters, I would like to see an end to America’s participation in the Iraq war. Obama’s claims to end that war are more believable to me. It is common knowledge that a McCain administration would continue the mess of the present administration. However, if somehow Hillary Clinton pulled off a miracle in Penn. and other states to follow and she legitimately becomes the nominee, as an Obama supporter, in November I would go into the voting booth, hold my nose, forget about the fabricating and cast that vote like playing a lottery ticket to see what happens. Like many I expect the same out of Hillary supporters if Obama becomes the nominee; they both have made claims to end the Iraq war.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Feds in bailout mode must focus on homes

The following letter was published on April 5, 2008 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

If the government can be instrumental in bailing out Bear Stearns along with giving $12 billion a month to a lost cause once claimed as a noble cause by a president who many think should be in prison, the government should also be able to help those with little means who want to be part of the dream of home ownership.

At this moment in America some borrowers and lenders are looking for some real creativity concerning the dilemma of the subprime loans; they know the rebate checks that will come eventually will be like a one-minute drop of rain after a long drought.

Let's imagine an empathic government that can go beyond judging and actually create a process that would not only realistically jump-start the economy, but put it back in a safe area on track. If the lenders were paid a quarter of all troubled home loans by the federal government and the borrowers were forgiven half of their loans by the lenders, this simplistic type of one-time settlement would bring relief in a compassionate way.