Monday, December 29, 2008

America can find its way back

As we all metaphorically walk into the door of 2009, we carry with us the thought that the world has changed and our country is different. Looking back and looking forward is in the thought that an unpopular president will be moving out of the White house and a popular president elect will be moving in. The common interest that so many of us all hope and share is in a wish that somehow what was lost in America will be restored by the incoming administration. If we can get back that confidence that once led the way for other parts of the world, we will once again have faith in the future for our children and grandchildren. Like a crew on a ship with no compass and no technology, we as Americans have found ourselves in uncharted waters with uncertain tomorrows. Let us all step into the new year with that familiar American spirit, to find direction and gain back that respect from the world we once had. Let’s say, we can find our way back and gain respect from the world, with a “Happy New Year” to everyone.