Monday, June 04, 2007

Let's have wisdom and trust back

It was like a western posse forming; some members reluctant and many willing in the beginning stages in the lead up to the war in Iraq. Even though only a few spoke out against a climate of vigilantism, the world and the ones behind the few witnessed a wave of silence while the dissenter’s patriotism was being questioned. Those behind the few and many outside of America stood by and watched how fear was used as a tool to hijack a nation’s spirit.

Some would like to pretend that the Iraq war is just another war like all other wars fought by America. The story out of the trail that led to the Scooter Libby conviction reveals the true nature of a war of choice spun by a deceitful administration.

If we had someone else in the White House masquerading as a democrat practicing the same policy of the present occupant, a certain party would most certainly use impeachment as a tool of choice; Bill Clinton can attest to that. His offence was beneath pale in comparison with the offenses of the present occupant.

While one presidential hopeful stated that the Iraq war is “George Bush’s war” and that “he started it”, a faint drumbeat for impeachment is smothered out by the newcomer compared to a rock star; selling hope.

How can America rejoin that world where trust and wisdom reside? If we can’t find our way back, we will never again be able to lead the way. We can’t find our way back looking the other way.