Friday, October 27, 2006

Growing nuclear club necessitates dialogue

The following letter was published on October 27, 2006 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

When we invaded Iraq in front of the world, we revealed how power can be misused in the hands of an arrogant leader.

The interest in and proliferation of nuclear technology is based on foreseeing a future reality. Market forces, resources, religion, distrust and greed are driving the membership up in the nuclear club. The animosity built up in many parts of the world against the Bush administration's policies certainly makes the U.S. the most plausible target for the first attack.

At this moment in time no member in the nuclear club cannot afford dialogue.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Cape Cod Times endorsement 2004

The Bush administration cried wolf too many times and the republican control congress and senate gave too many blank checks. I believe like many, the mood in America has shifted because so many voters feel that they have been had by some of those members of a party that were willing to suppress and distort the truth. Because the political climate seems to be changing, I think it is time on some level for the Cape Cod Times to address the endorsement of George Bush in 2004. Like many I would like to know CCTs thoughts now on that endorsement. Does the Cape Cod Times feel it has been had?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

He does not have the credibility to comment on violence

Unknown by many, Susan Ralston, a top aide to the brain behind George Bush resigned 10/6/06 because of her connection to the Abramoff scandal. The Bob Woodward book, the resignation of Rep. Mark Foley along with Rove’s top aide stepping down are all part of a party’s arrogance self destructing while many of us are asking: Where is George Bush’s credibility? Knowing how he spurred the violence now in Iraq by going in there under the false pretense of looking for WMD, his weekly radio address condemning violence in schools as a result of the Amish killings has the same feel when Mark Foley spoke out against sexual predators.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The national stage is an intimate part of the local stage

The local political stage is so intimately connected to the national political stage this election year, that many of us have taken that pause and asked: Is a vote for Kerry Healey a vote for the policies of George Bush? It doesn’t matter to many of us what Kerry claims to stand for because we know what her boss, Mitt Romney stands for. If we want to purge the hurtful policies of George Bush out of Ma., we must indeed vote for Deval Patrick.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Time for closure

Rep. Mark Foley e-mail scandal along with Bob Woodward’s book exposing denials of the Bush administration adds to what many of us feel is a revealing of hypocrisy in a party that have wrongly stood together. So much damage has been done with the party in power, many of us wonder whether it can be repaired in the eyes of the country and the eyes of the world. When an individual or a family is unjustly hurt by another, a legal setting usually gives closure or justice to the hurt party or parties. Many of us feel the country and the world is owed some type of justice that will provide the closure for the country and the world to move on. Many of us feel that Mark Foley should be investigated to the fullest extent and impeachment should certainly be put on the table against the Bush administration.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Denial or Reality

How many of us can say that George Bush is the best president of all times? How many of us can say that the Iraq war is on a road toward success and citizens in Iraq love Americans and George Bush? Can we say that the president’s legacy is intact and his greatest achievements are his picks: Secretary of Defense, Rumsfeld and the VP Cheney? For answers that are in the affirmative, let’s leave that world that enables the mind of a president that thinks he is right and the world is wrong. Let’s read Bob Woodward’s book on denial, titled “State of Denial”, and take a close look at what John Murtha on the Defense Appropriations Sub Committee claimed: “The Iraq war is being mischaracterized”. Weeks from now voters will have to decide whether the country should stay in denial or move forward in a reality.