Sunday, February 13, 2011

A particular generation advances the need for a democracy

The Age of Technology and Information coupled with a wiser generation is dogging leaders in the Middle East that have put off and delayed a process toward democracy. Hosni Mubarak step-down from being the president of Egypt should be a wake-up call to all dictators and leaders of the free world that are against a progressive government. There are countries that are waiting on a democracy to be born and there are countries that are waiting on their democracy to mature. It is my belief that a particular generation for a moment gives birth to a democracy or pushes forward a certain maturity needed in a developing democracy. Some stages of a developing democracy in the US can be seen in the works of Susan Brownell Anthony, Dr. Martin Luther King, and now Barack Obama. It is my hope for all democracies being born or developing to move toward progressive polices that will serve all people rather than a chosen few.