Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A response to Cecchi's letter

In response to the letter written by Mr. Guy M. Cecchi, on 2/4/09, “Don’t let this euphoria keep us from real change,” We all live in our on bubble of understanding of what makes this country great. It seems Mr. Cecchi is one of those victims used by the Bush administration to divide the country. Wedge issues such as abortion, gay marriage and the threat of terrorism provided an illusion that propped up a dangerous administration. I hope that voters like Mr. Cecchi are forever low in numbers. When America recovers from the mess left behind by the Bush administration, I hope safe guards will be put into place to prevent the nation from ever electing such a destructive individual such as George Bush. This country can become great again with real change when we are forgiven by the world for voting George Bush in for eight years.


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