Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Witnessing a UFO is not such a bad claim

He called for the impeachment of George Bush; Dennis Kucinich echoed what a few voters in 2006 wanted done. The other Democratic hopefuls in the10/30/07 debate seems to feel compelled to attack Hillary or pat themselves on back. I didn’t see any real visionary wisdom coming out of any the D. hopefuls, however I was impressed with Mr.Kucinich speaking his mind concerning Iraq being an illegal war; and, that he would indeed talk to all his enemies. Jimmy Carter claimed to have seem a UFO, so why should it be so far out for Kucinich’s claim? Maybe if the other D. hopefuls had witnessed a UFO, they would be more sincere and forthcoming.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wanted: Empathetic Oval Office candidate

The following letter was published on October 19, 2007 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I look for a politician who has empathy and wisdom, which I concede is lacking in many.

It frustrates me to hear a politician speak only of America; I yearn for a universal mind among presidential hopefuls rather than too much showmanship. We can't go on as a country judging other nations with a blind eye to our own social ills. It seems each generation, as we turn back the pages of time, slowly opened that door where greed, selfishness and spoil masquerading as progress sapped this democracy of its innocence.

The slump in the housing industry is just the beginning; because we consume more than any other nation this democracy will be the first to show its wounds.

I've not given up; I have faith that eventually someone will show up on the political stage with the raw, unfettered truth. If that person shows up, I will certainly make a wager that that individual's approval ratings would skyrocket.

How about Mr. Al Gore? He could give back to this nation and the world what is lost.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Few

Many of us understand the concerns raised by It is a needed and legitimate voice cutting through all the political cosmetics. It is certainly an enemy of the few mentioned in the following: “When wealth becomes in the hands of few, this government will become an impossibility”,John Quincy Adams. That few, the neo-cons, hijacked the Republican Party and drove this country in an un-charted dark area of madness. For many it is hard to see for sure whether or not we can recover.

Too many in the neighborhood and outside see the US as an out of control arrogant bully obsessed with the flow of oil. The oil in Iraq can never be secured by the US because the different factions are more than willing to fight over it as if it is the only pie on the table. That pie to them represents the core of power. They are willing to kill each other off over that power. This is a civil war that at some point will become full blown. We are spending our treasure and blood on a pipe dream turned mess while the world watches on.

Even though the president’s poll ratings are down to 31%,the world will never be able to look at America as having the credibility it once held. According to the polls taken before the invasion of Iraq, 72% of the American public along with many of the present presidential hopefuls supported and believed in the Bush administration pre-emptive war.

The masses and many in our country that took a stand against the invasion of Iraq were referred to by George Bush as a focus group, in which he ignored. This to many represented a dictator incognito.

Recently, the few mentioned above took a stand with the president to veto a bill crafted for poor children. So you see, the few that lost much ground in 2006 would rather remain behind a failed policy with no end near than help the nation’s poor.