Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Closet Bigots on conservative radio talk shows are outing themselves

As I listen to many of the hosts of conservative radio talk shows, it amuses me and scares me to hear such an anti Obama and democrat tone;it is really bad and disrespectful. They sound like bigot sour grapes coming out of the closet. Let's never forget these seem to be surrogates of the neo-cons along with other parts of the conservative media helped promote the Bush administration's lie to invade Iraq; yes, they steered the country wrong and they will do it again. It is my hope that newly un-informed listeners of conservative radio talk shows will go back and review tapes of many of the hosts during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq; a fair minded individual would see a lack of or no credibility among them all. It is my belief that bigotry exists in many patches of circles around the country; fair mindedness is lacking among these circles and they charge their batteries with top bigots on the air.


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