Friday, October 22, 2004

The real world versus the dream world

With just a few days left before November 2, some democrats, republicans and non-party affiliates are haunted by the sheer thought of Bush being re-elected. For many of us this thought is a Halloween scare. Reality and the big picture versus a dream world seem to be the main components dividing our nation. In our nation‘s history, reality and the big picture played a great part in maturing our nation and keeping church and state separate. The Jamestown tragedy where mass suicide deaths took place under the instructions of Jim Jones, a religious leader, serves as an example how powerful a religious influence can have over intelligent people put under a spell. That spell is a dream world.

Maureen Dowd, a syndicated columnist for the New York Times, stated in her article published 10/21/04 that evangelicals called George Bush a messenger of God. Maureen went on to quote the television evangelist, Pat Robertson as saying, “God blessing is on him”, adding “it is the blessing of heaven on the emperor”.

When we think of George Bush’s pro life stance, which could delay hope and is in conflict with his rush into a war stance, interpreted among many as a pro death stance, raises the question, are church leaders behind Bush, pro life and pro death also?

The hypocrisy existing in the above conflict has a chilling effect on many of us that are wondering whether there are more voters in the real world or the dream world.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Is it time for a change of leadership?

The following letter was published on October 18, 2004 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Angela Lebeau’s Oct.12 letter, “U.N. has forfeited any right to respect”, replied to my Oct 6 letter "An Old West parable on Kerry's global test". With all due respect to Ms. Lebeau, her following questions to me - asking why I haven't “criticized the United Nations for foot-dragging in Sudan, where thousands are dying, and for the cover-up regarding the oil-for-food debacle in Iraq” - seem to be right out of George Bush’s toolbox of denials and excuses for invading Iraq.

Like many, I have witnessed the movement of the goal post as it became clear that no weapons of mass destruction were found.

I challenge Ms. Lebeau to not look for wrongs in other nations to justify our leader's wrongs. Ask, is it time for a change of leadership?

Monday, October 11, 2004

Senator Murray's work is well known

Unlike some of the natives in Massachusetts, a few years ago I didn’t know of Senator Therese Murray. I was approached with a request to do sketched portraits of children around her in a composition. The request came from an organization that wanted to present something special to the Senator during a celebration for her. I was too embarrassed to tell the organization that I didn’t know the Senator.

I made a few phone calls and talked to a few people out the earshot of the organization. The warmth, love, and admiration people I talked to have for the Senator helped me in transcending those qualities in the com- position. I can’t criticize her opponent because I really don’t know anything about his work. I do know from the eyes I looked in of the people I talked to about Sen. Murray; they all loved her work.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Proud of John Kerry

Many of us believe the Oct. 8 debate put in perspective an emerging satisfaction for the Kerry and Edward ticket. John Kerry is with out a doubt the best chance for the Democratic Party at this moment in history. His candidacy reflects the substance so badly needed in the White House.

The strategic manner demonstrated in Kerry debate style is informative and credible. We can envision, which is so badly needed, a president on the world stage that can lead rather than divide.

For many of us to really become comfortable with a leader, we look for empathy and hope. We see that In John Kerry. Unlike his opponent’s views on drugs from Canada, abortion, the quality of the environment, and the question on the stem cell research; Kerry views and eloquence showed a balanced command of the facts.

Over all, we believe it is unquestionable, unless some that viewed the debate have blinders on; Kerry’s depth and maturity is clearly lacking in his opponent.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

An Old West parable on Kerry's global test

The following letter was published on October 6, 2004 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

George Bush challenged John Kerry on the meaning of his remark during the Sept. 30 debate about a "global test" if a pre-emptive strike is used by an American president. Maybe the meaning of a "global test" would be more comprehensible to Mr. Bush if it were put in simple cowboy settings.

Setting 1: Let's imagine this little town in the Old West. A bank was robbed by a robber who claimed the money he took was stolen from him by the bank. The sheriff of the town went to all the houses in the town that had 18-year-old sons and fathers to get them to join a posse to pursue the robber.When the town found out the sheriff was a best friend of the owner of the bank, no one joined the posse.

Setting 2: Let's imagine an honest, loved bank that helped a lot of folks in this Old West town was robbed. The sheriff of this town did not have to ask folks to join a posse: 18-year-olds and fathers volunteered.

George Bush's rush to war didn't pass a "global test" because the human bank of the United Nations was robbed of that respect acquired through time out of mutual wisdom.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Not presidential

The poor performance displayed by George Bush in the first debate against John Kerry, really substantiated concerns of job fitness many of us have had for the manager of our country.

It was so clear from George Bush’s responses and body language, that maybe he knew, that he was in a debate with some one, far out of his league.

George Bush needed to be able to hold on to a thought and convey it, to debate someone like John Kerry. It seems the most powerful leader in the free world thought processes are questionable. It is also clear to many of us that George Bush is no match for John Kerry.

We saw presidential material in Kerry. What we saw In the most powerful leader in the free world is not something presidential, but something that might be appropriate in a position as an assistant manger at a Berger King fast food.