Friday, December 06, 2002

A Common Interest In The Courage To Make Peace

The following letter was published on December 6, 2002 by
The Barnstable Patriot
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

In our own back yard, in some of the so called best families, drugs, alcoholism, and the rebellious child is spreading like a dark plague creating a continuous evolving cycle, worsening in each approaching generation.

When we say we are fighting for our way of life, does an element of denial exist in the actual tone?

It is a dangerous matter when followers are created out of arrogance, vengeance and a fixed hatred. Hitler was at the wheel of his government when Germany evolved into a one party system.

A lot of hope for the world to come together was lost when JFK was assassinated. The world cried when he left because his words, and his character, carried a universal Understanding.

It is no doubt that the character of America has changed. To restore the trust in the character, courage must be sought on the highest levels. That courage is not courage to make war; it is courage to make peace.

The search for peace should involve a self-examination of our present dilemma. We have troops in areas that are not respected; their life styles and their actual occupation of those areas are resented. We have sided with people holding on to land that is not theirs.

This is just an imaginary scenario:

A Westerner meets a Middle Easterner after death in an imaginary crossover.
The Westerner asked the Middle Easterner:
“How did you get here?”
The Middle Easterner:
“Collateral Damage”
The Middle Easterner asked the Westerner:
“How did you get here?”
The Westerner: “I was part of an economic target”

If only leaders today would set their sights and resources in exploring the stars rather than war, the advancement of mankind would be on the move.

Wishing you Happy Holidays
Alfred R. Waddell

Monday, December 02, 2002


Entities welded together
accepting their weld as being their arc
Entities welded together
lived their lives by sharing their hearts

I took great comfort and warmth in painting two special souls that generated an abundance of love. Their departure will forever mark the year 1997.