Wednesday, August 22, 2007

No closure for the American majority

In the Bush administration hypocrisy shows up so frequently like a returning thief in the night stealing and sapping away at the American spirit that many around the world wanted to follow.

At a meeting with leaders of Canada and Mexico, Bush said: “ If the government doesn’t respond to demands of the people they will replace the government.” “That’s up to the Iraqis to make that decision, not American politicians.”

Many of us feel at moments that somehow the world is upside down when we hear words from George Bush. He is like a person that has a terrible odor complaining about an odor of another. Does he realize he is ignoring the demands of the majority in his own country? Does George Bush understand that the reason why American politicians are applying pressure on the Iraqi government is because they are adhering to the demands of the American majority?

For those of us that have digested hypocrisy and corruption through out the Bush Administration years which will be coming to a close, not to put impeachment on the table doesn’t give us and the world the closure we deserve.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Will we ever see peace again?

Some of us just can’t connect with any real hope from both parties of presidential hopefuls. It is hard for us to see beyond a war with no end near and the lack of accountability from an administration that chooses to hide behind executive privilege to block links that would expose an administration that put itself above the law. If there is no real drumbeat for impeachment from the presidential hopefuls, the Bush stain on the White House will carry over with the next occupant. We know that a country can’t forge a new direction and change its path in a real way if it is in denial of its wrongs.

How can the next president build credibility and trust under the shadow of a predecessor that lost it in front of the world? How can the world trust America again after giving George Bush two terms in office?

With global warming and world war three standing near, it is like a house on fire not noticed by members inside while divided and fighting among themselves. Many of us are looking for a peace-maker with wisdom in our next president.We know that the road toward peace cannot be paved with denial.