Saturday, November 26, 2011

GOP candidates' amnesia seems shared by voters

The following letter was published on November 26, 2011 by
The Cape Cod Times
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I must concede Newt Gingrich surprised me in the Nov. 22 Republican debate with his show of compassion toward illegal immigrants found to be in the U.S. for 25 years.

I can see why he has found himself ahead of the other candidates.

I was also impressed with that part of Ron Paul's performance in the words that liberty should not be given up for security.

I was disappointed in Jon Huntsman; I expected to see more substance. In earlier debates, I found myself impressed with him. It seems in the Nov. 22 debate, he showed the same amnesia seen in all the Republican candidates.

Bill Clinton left the country with a surplus when he left the White House; the following president left deep debt, a recession and a war. Voters like me are wondering how many other voters are suffering from the same amnesia seen among the Republican candidates.


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