Saturday, July 09, 2011

The debt ceiling should be raised immediatel​y.

In order to understand the urgency needed by lawmakers to settle on the “debt ceiling” matter, let’s look at the US as a person needing additional medications to function in the modern times. Let’s say the ingredients in the meds represent tax and spending. Let’s say the person needing those meds will fall apart if the meds were taken away or a radical change in dosage occurred.

Through-out decades lawmakers have made deals and passed legislation that have benefited the poor, middle class, the rich and the super rich; this was all part of maintaining a civil society. That civil society is maintained by spending, raising and lowing taxes when needed.

Let’s compare raising the “debt ceiling” to raising the dosage on a person’s meds. Let’s say for the moment that person is experiencing a short of breath and the dosage of meds in his breathing apparatus should be increased. The country is short of breath and the “debt ceiling” needs to be raised; should lawmakers hold hostage the dosage?


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