Monday, September 06, 2010

A vote for Sheila Lyons

I’m a newcomer to the understanding that the local political races are connected to the national political races. Like so many other voters that are fully awakened when a national run for office captures our attention, I now realize that being part of a political party is like being part of an army of ideas. Those ideas can only expand when political ground is taken. In my opinion, the battle for political ground starts in the local races. As voters we all look for common ground that can connect us with certain politicians that act as recruiters for our votes. Let me tell you about the common ground I feel I share with Sheila Lyons. In all the national and some local races, I have voted in, I have looked for real empathy in the candidates I have cast my votes for. I can proudly say, I found that type of empathy when I cast a vote for the late Senator Ted Kennedy. He was an embodiment of what I look for in other politicians. I’m impressed with the 20 years Sheila Lyons has worked as a geriatric social worker because I know that position is a position for a person that cares for others. I don’t vote for a candidate just because he or she accumulated wealth or succeeded in a business. My vote is given to the candidate that proves he or she cares for others. Join me in voting for that candidate for State Senate, Sheila Lyons on September 14, 2010.


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