Monday, January 18, 2010

An up-side down seat and State

On the eve of the decision that will be made on whether Coakley or Brown will fill the rest of Senator Kennedy’s term, like many citizens in Massachusetts that are like minded, I’m concerned that Massachusetts will not be the State I love if Brown becomes the victor. When I look at the non-diverse crowd he draws, it reminds me of an era south of the Mason Dixon line when many others were ignored and didn’t have a voice. In my opinion, Senator Kennedy’s seat was a voice for the voiceless and a constant drumbeat to right wrongs against the disenfranchised; he and others like him steered this country in a better place. If I wake up Wednesday morning and Brown is the victor, his main constituents, Tea Party members, which I feel, are disingenuous, will be victors as well. In my opinion, that would put Senator Kennedy’s seat and Massachusetts in an upside- down position; the state that led the way in righting many wrongs will become a state headed back in the wrong direction.


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