Wednesday, January 27, 2010

State of the union address and the neo-cons‏

During the State of the Union address by the President, like many others in Massachusetts, I kept rifting back to the Scott Brown campaign, for the rest of the late Senator Ted Kennedy’s term in the Senate; I’m still in shock that the symbolic seat for the voiceless and disenfranchised went to a republican that used the late President John Kennedy’s image to connect with those that had resentment for Senator Ted Kennedy; this was shameful; and, especially since Ted’s family and friends were still in phases of mourning his death. Returning back to the speech hearing the President speak about creating needed jobs, he was feisty as predicted; with style and substance, his message was concise, uplifting, humble and honest; he disserved the many applauses. My mind drifted back this time to the democrats, republicans and independents in Massachusetts that decided to vote for Scott Brown rather than Martha Coakly. Little do they Know, the man that claimed he was fighting against a machine connected himself with a machine; he echoed the Tea Party movement, conservative radio talk show hosts and generally the neo-cons in the Republican Party. Where was Scott Brown, the Tea Party movement, and all the neo-cons in the Republican Party when Iraq was invaded? They were all lined up behind the Bush administration for that expensive adventure. This is what the President is up against in his efforts to reform Health Care; the neo-cons, in a very sleazy way have been planting seeds of confusion to sneak their way back into the hearts of some Americans; they succeeded in Massachusetts.


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