Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Should we look the other way on torture?

Under an unstable leadership in denial, right and wrong can be blurred to satisfy a dark moment. That dark moment, like other questionable moments in the Bush administration, was to justify and downplay types of torture. Should the ones involved in contriving and okaying methods of torture be prosecuted?

If some of the countries of Asia, South America, all the European countries, and the sane part of the US asked for closure concerning the disregard for provisions set forth by the Geneva Conventions in the treatment of war criminals, the answer would be yes. In spite of former Vice President Dick Cheney’s attempt to justify torture because of the type of enemy we face, America is not about joining in and escalating the madness in the world; America needs to be that mature democracy governing by example. The outing of Valerie Plane, the preemptive attack on Iraq, and the torture of prisoners are all part of a pattern practiced by the Bush administration that put itself above the law. If we look the other way and not prosecute the guilty parties involved in the torture, we will leave the door open for another administration in the future to practice the same.


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