Monday, May 11, 2009

Liberty and Alcatraz‏

I think anyone that is paying attention to the present moment of political events, should ask this question: What would I do if I occupied the oval office as president for one month? My personal answer to this question would revolve around two issues; how would I address three wars; and where would I suggest placing detainees when the prison Guantanamo Bay is closed? On the first issue I would address the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan with the following message: It is time for the US to cut its losses. If you love liberty, you should fight for it to the death; The US military cannot unify your countries by refereeing or taking sides in your political and culture conflicts. On the second issue, I would announce that Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay will be renovated to house detainees transferred from the prison Guantanamo Bay.


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