Sunday, January 18, 2009

Killing innocent people is wrong

Like many of the brave souls that took a stand in print against the actions of the Bush administration, I feel proud that I joined them and was not among the ones that looked the other way, or painted a false rosy picture. For the pass seven years I have witnessed a lack of empathy from a leader that called himself a “War time President.” Some of us understand the symbolism behind the tossed shoes by a journalist that obviously had a lot of empathy for the misery he witnessed caused by a leader with little or no conscience. No one can really understand oppression like the ones that are living it. Bombs dropped on families killing innocent love ones will never achieve an end to terrorism. Terrorism fought with terrorism is insanity. A country is lacking in humanity when it loses it’s will to hold on to what is right. No matter how you slice it, killing innocent people is wrong.


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