Tuesday, October 28, 2008

When the election is over we will come together as one country

On November 4th, Tuesday, some will use their votes to go down with the ship and others will cast their votes on that miracle ship under the banner called change. Both ships have come a long way and experienced windy, stormy waters. Even though my vote along with many others will be cast on the miracle ship, we respect the ship that lost its way. When the ships are translated into candidates Senator Obama does stand out as the miracle ship and Senator McCain stands out as the ship that lost its way. In this election a candidate’s demeanor, judgment, calmness and steadiness outweighs the other candidate’s experience. For many in the media to tap dance around the fact that Senator McCain acted impulsively when he picked Governor Sarah Palin for his running mate, it shows an all around respect for the man in spite of his blunder. Lets hope on Tuesday when all the votes are cast, all Americans will pull together, put bitterness aside, and help steer this country to a better place.


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