Monday, October 20, 2008

The pendulum is swinging to the left in Obama's era

In the history of politics, in my life time and many others, there has never been such a fierce battle between the “Us And Them,” with the large number of participants witnessed in this election year. Both sides are hoping that there are more of “Us” than “Them” to set the tone and agenda in all three branches of the government: executive, judicial, and legislative. Former President Ronald Reagan convinced many democrats that he was best for the moment he lead. Those democrats are referred to as “Reagan Democrats.” It seems in 2008, Obama is convincing some republicans to become “Obama Republicans.” That means on the “Us And Them” scale, the pendulum is swinging to the left and the neo-cons are on the run. This thought along gives so many of us great pleasure that we are living in a moment in time when the right side will conquer the wrong side.


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