Saturday, September 06, 2008

A dissenting view on wars with false causes

The RNC confirmed for many of us that many in the Republican Party believe that God has a hand in the Iraq war. The Americans that are willing to stand up and say that they want their sons and daughters that are taught to fight to be put in the right fights and the right causes rings hallow with many that believe the Bush administration was right to invade Iraq.

For those of us that believe our country is going down the wrong path, we have to stand up and not march behind those that are willing to fool themselves. In Vietnam and Iraq, we didn’t buy into the overstated greatness of those causes that many of us looked at as trumped up illusions.

Because of our dissent, the other side wants to paint us as unpatriotic. We love this country, and we love our sons and daughters. We don’t want them coming back in body bags, missing limbs and damaged minds, for leaders driven by a false ideology.


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