Friday, August 22, 2008

A war of choice that benefited Iran

The whole business of using force to settle disputes, I believe borders around men’s immaturity. With all that we know in these modern times, men still have not risen above killing each other over territory, religion and resources.

Just because so many of us can see the invasion of Georgia by Russia is pale in comparison to the Iraq invasion, this does not mean we are apologists for Russia’s behavior.

Our patriotism is in our hope that one day men as a whole will grow up and some of the behavior of men kind will somehow experience a breakthrough. That’s not going to happen in a McCain administration; we will only have four more Bush years of old men claiming to be stewards of pro-life in one breath, and in another, they won’t hesitate to send young humans beings to die in a war of choice.

Is our patriotism in question just because we don’t buy into the dream that a stable democracy will be left behind in Iraq after the Iraqi government succeeds in negotiating the complete withdrawal of American troops?

Perhaps by then George Bush and John McCain will realize that this war of choice that have drained on our resources and has shed so much blood has strengthened the hand of Iran.


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