Sunday, August 24, 2008

Time to beat those drums

Now that Joe Biden is the VP pick for Obama it is time to go after the hearts of those 18 million voters that stood firmly behind Hillary Clinton.

Loud drumbeats echoing the following themes should be done and repeated on a daily basis:

Drumbeat 1- Do we want a continuation of a bunch of advanced aged men stuck in a cowboy time bubble, pretending to be tough while wasting our resources in a war of choice benefiting Iran?

Drumbeat 2- Do we want a bunch advanced aged rich out of touch men in the pocket of religious extremists tampering with women rights to choose?

Drumbeat 3- Do we want four more years of losing the middle class while the rich is getting richer?

Drumbeat 4- Do we want that trust back we once had that we and the world were proud of?

Drumbeat 5- Lets merge together and take this country back.


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