Sunday, August 03, 2008

McCain / Obama

Like many, I've always had a great deal of respect for the young John McCain as an American hero that suffered as a prisoner of war. No one can ever take that chapter in his life away from him; he really showed bravery while in the hands of his captors.

In 2008, the nominee of his party for the president of the US, John is making comments about his opponent that are out of sync for a war hero that showed true grit against his captors. It seems out of a desperate attempt to score political points McCain has been trying to blur the goodwill Barack Obama shows in his orator skills. He is claiming Obama lacks substance.

Many voters like myself know Obama's attraction is all about the inspiration of trust that is lost in the Bush administration that deceived the country and the world. Sadly, the McCain we all thought we once knew clings to many of the policies of the Bush administration which is in direct contrast with an Obama ticket.

A McCain ticket is about a continuation of distrust and out of touch. An Obama ticket is about hope, change, and trust. We can pick a ticket that clings to an administration lacking credibility in the world or we can pick a ticket that might some day restore what America lost.


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