Monday, August 04, 2008

Human element on Cape

The following letter was published on August 4, 2008 by
The Boston Herald
Boston, Massachusetts

It's hard for so many to look at another human being here in America illegally as one of us (“Illegal actions, not status, got Cape immigrant killed,” July 30). It is as difficult for many in Brazil to accept the unfortunate death of Andre Luiz de Castro Martins. Not only does my heart go out to the family, I understand this moment of sorrow for the police officer who was given a set of circumstances that required a response.

When Martins turned his car around, striking Christopher Van Ness’ cruiser, the officer’s training kicked in on the use of deadly force. I don’t think any sane officer would relish being put in that moment. And it’s sad to think that Martins’ mind may have been flooded only with the thoughts of staying with his family.

The Sao Paulo newspaper Estadao reported the many violations Martins committed in America and revealed that Martins’ father is a retired military police officer. It’s sad that the father may be more familiar with Van Ness’ window of timing on responding in that moment his son was shot then any other member of his family. In retrospect, I believe everyone involved wishes that moment and the speeding vehicle never happened.


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